Even if you cannot dive or do not want to try learning it, you could still enjoy the breathtaking underwater life by snorkeling in blue lagoons of Maldives. It is a low risk and low cost way to discover the shallow reefs and the amazing underwater dramas.  With just a snorkeling mask and flippers, a swim through a channel in the coral reefs and observing it from the outside can be the most incredible experience for any beginner in the Maldives. Though most islands have pretty house reefs, the best ones are known to have narrow reef flats along with many wide lagoons and channels. The slopes of the reefs often have cool geographic features like terraces, cliffs and caves.

Maldives’ marine life comprises almost 70 species of vivid coral and 700 species of aquatic animals and fish, some of them unique. While you may see a larger range of species if you go diving, snorkeling is a great way to introduce yourself to the underwater dynamics and scenery.

Learning snorkeling in Maldives is quite cheap in comparison to other places and is considered one of the best places for beginners in snorkeling and scuba diving. Guest houses usually have equipment for hire and arrange trips to snorkeling sites upon request, unless you want to just try it out on the reef around the islands.