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This beautiful island is located on the eastern fringes of Ari Atoll, about 42 km from Male’ International Airport and 40 km from Male’ (the capital island of Maldives).

A tropical dream island far away from the modern world with a total land area of 55,625 square meters. The island is 300 meters long and 280 meters wide, and is covered by thick tropical vegetation. The total built up area of the island is only 7,060 square meters (12.7% of the total land area). As well as the modern facilities, it has all the natural charm of the any Maldivian Island. It is the most famous dive resort in the Maldives. Probably the best in the World!. In the short history of tourism in the Maldives; Ellaidhoo quickly became, and remains for the moment, The dive island in the country.

A third of the island has a wall at the edge of the land and no sand withers side of it. (There are no bungalows here). The remainder of the island is ringed by an outer coral wall with gaps in. Opposite the reception area there is an overlap, with two walls. The outer walls are no more than 15M from shore and the water in between no more than knee high. People who have been coming here for years remember fondly when there were no walls and the beaches stretched out to where the walls are now. The resort requires that all guests must be divers.

Alifu Alifu Atoll

Alifu Alifu Atoll

Northern Ari Atoll or Alifu Alifu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives. It was created on March 1, 1984 combining northern section of Ari Atoll, the small Rasdhukuramathi Atoll, and the isolated island of Thoddoo. Many of the islands in this atoll have been inhabited since ancient times and have arqueological remains from the Maldivian Buddhist period. Rasdhu Atoll is also known as Ross Atoll in the Admiralty charts. The separation of Ari Atoll (formerly Alifu Atoll) into a Northern and a Southern section has formed the two most recent administrative divisions of the Maldives, namely Alifu Alifu Atoll and Alifu Dhaalu Atoll. The island of Maalhos is geographically the westernmost island of the Atoll (and the second most westerly inhabited island of the Maldives after Maamakunudhoo). Vajrayana Buddhist remains have been found on this island.

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