Guesthouse in the Maldives


A guesthouse — A touch of real Maldives.

You will experience a totally different world when you are in a Maldivian Guesthouse. Maldives is a peaceful place to spend your holidays. No hustles and bustles of the busy cities in the world. From every side the peace-loving Maldivians will greet you with friendly smiles.

While each guesthouse location is unique, each guesthouse provides access to similar types of activities that the resorts offer. All the guesthouses are registered with the government and standards are maintained by rules and regulations of the country.

Maldives is known as a very expensive tourist destination. Tourist resorts are dominated in the country and they are expensive. Guesthouses often tend to be cheaper as compared to hotels. Therefore, Maldives also want to welcome the budget travelers and offer a cheaper rate accommodations in the country. So recently Maldives come up with Guesthouses throughout the county. This change brought a big shape in the expenditure as well as the style of holidays in the Maldives. Now there are more than 100 Guesthouses in the Maldives. Some of the Guesthouses are located in the heart of the islands while others are in the outer skirts of the island. Therefore, now it is possible to stay in a local island where you can discover true Maldivian life style with extraordinary tropical features and dreamy island delights – the lagoons, the palm-fringed beaches, the diverse marine life and the bountiful coral reefs.

The magical blue lagoons with an abundant fishes, are at a walking distance. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and other watersports. The facilities are modern with traditional touches and cater to the usual conveniences you expect during a tropical holiday. You can go for fishing or enjoy BBQs on the same beach or you can go for uninhabited island exploration.

This is also a dream fulfilled to a tight budget traveler seeking for a low rate accommodation and enjoy the same facilities as most of the tourists enjoy here. Learn more about this independent, friendly holiday option that costs less money. Contact your agent to select a preferable Guesthouse within your reach.

The most hours of sunshine is from December to April in the Maldives.