An aerial glance at the Maldives


As the air plane graciously drawing down towards the Maldives, the splendor of nature slowly unfold before your own eyes. Sunshine embracing the green little plot of land enclosed by pure white and surrounded by sparkling blues, viewed from above truly takes your breath away.  A vision so unique that you can’t help but wonder if it is real. Only God could have painted a picture so perfect. Only nature in its hurried motion could have created such splendor as the Maldives.

arial-galance-2When the airplane hovering over this God gifted islands, a glance out of the window of the airplane and your heart will skip a beat. It is so marvelous a view you will never experience in your life. There are peals-like islands scatted in the vast Indian Ocean.

In a sunny day, try to fly on board an airplane above the Maldives the see the fascinating beauty of this archipelago. There are aerial photo flight to travel above the islands to take photo of this amazing island diversity of the Maldives. .
Big, small, wide or very narrow, round or crescent shaped, surrounded by gorgeous lagoons and reefs, Nature always gives a stunning show.

Travel above the Maldives and treasure aerial photos for your dream world.
Enjoy your Sea-flight in the Maldives!